Summer 2013 at Crow Theatre

Crow had a great summer with more Victorian stuff at the Make Believe Festival with our friends from the Clockwork Watch Transmedia Experience, at Secret Garden Party with our tailor made promenade show Waiting at the Church and at our first ever kids party; The Lost Treasure of Clapham Common.

Our mission

Create fun, informal and non-traditional Theatre for audiences who don't normally access the Arts.

Seek out and develop new audiences; find ways of involving them in production and performance work.

Empower people to come together and engage with Theatre, and the whole world around them. Change the way that people experience Theatre.

Read our full constitution here.

Previous reviews

  • "Crow Theatre have hit the jackpot with this show. A great alternative night out; you wont be disappointed."
  • by Becky Shepherd for Open Magazine.
  • "An innovative, engaging and highly entertaining experience well sustained by a cast of talented actors and improvisers."
  • by Paul Dunn for Remote Goat.
  • CLICK HERE to read the whole review.
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The Crow mission is to create professional high quality Theatre specifically for people who might not normally access the Arts. We will be seeking out and developing new audiences for theatre; breaking barriers between us and them, exploring social divides and linking communities. Looking at what is the Audience role, we intend to find ways of involving people in both the creation and performance of our work. This will enable us to reflect honestly the world around us, and empower people to engage with it. Our Theatre will be non-traditional, working to make it less formal, more accessible and above all, fun. We will collaborate with groups and individuals who believe, like us, that Performance has the power to integrate people from all walks of life and help us to understand and connect with each other.

Our work will adapt and grow organically from the feedback it receives rather than be guided by our personal interests.


The board is chaired by Nancy Cunningham, also taking on Secretary duties. Sarah Holmes is our company Treasurer and Natasha Campbell our Company Director. Also on the board; Paul Leyshon and Rob Greenoak, Bertie Watkins and Stefano Peria. All members will stay up to date with each other's activities, assisting each other where possible. We take joint responsibility in ensuring best possible practice and will seek advice and training where necessary. All company decisions will be voted on by at least 3 members, including voting in new members.

We will meet every three months to discuss our work and identify Actions to be completed. Minutes will be kept. New members can be appointed with a majority vote. They will uphold the constitution, only changing it to suit changing goals where absolutely necessary.

Rules will be set and systems put in place as they become necessary. With discussion and vote. This will count particularly with our finances, and deciding where to spend money. We will try to earn money through services to cover our core costs and find funding for individual projects. All money raised or earnt by the company will be put back into the company.

Crow Theatre is a Not for Profit organisation based in London.